Power Converters & Electronics

Custom power converters

Customizable to meet customer specifications and requirements.

Smart Controls Design

Smart controls at Naden Engineering

Designed to fit customers use case and project needs.

Design Compliance & Testing

Design compliance at Naden Engineering

Includes environmental, mechanical, EMI/EMC, etc. industry standards.

PCB Layout / Assembly

PCB layout assembly

In-house fully automated assembly for power electronics applications.

General Engineering Consultation

For power electronics and controls architecture.

PCBA Design Rework & Repair

Repairing or refinishing an electronic printed circuit board assembly.

Harness Design & Assembly

Fully customizable and assembled by IPC A620D certified techs.

Precision Laser Cutting

Exact cuts with minimal material loss, maintaining product specifications.

Custom Branding & Logo Placement

Company symbol or logo engraved on your product.